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Haus Says: Trends in Interiors 2023

If the forecast for 2023 could scream anything, it would be this: break out all hues of brown and have some fun! Keep reading to hear what your eyes are already showing you for interiors this year.

Pattern, Pattern Everywhere!

First up is no big secret at all--wallpaper is back in a major way, and it's not hiding. She's showing up in high traffic areas, nooks, ceilings and in-between moulding, or even framed out as large-scale art. Leaving no proverbial shopper un-turned, retailers have scaled selections of wallpaper to reach nearly every corner of the market. This naturally includes providing traditional wallpaper that comes pre-pasted but also improvements in high-end re-positional peel and stick wallpapers. The options and designs are truly endless!

Some of my more traditional picks are found available to trades from Schumacher or retailers like House of Hackney. Pictured below is their beautiful ARTEMIS wallpaper in Off-white. Traditional patterns like botanicals or chinoiserie are timeless classics, however bold takes on color and scale keep the look modern and fresh.

70's Brown, but Make it Now

Without question, brown has officially entered the chat! Moodier palettes that complement the lime-washed and plaster finishes that were so heavily trending in 2022 also signal a greater shift towards even chocolate-y hued selections. Slat walls, molding and trim continue to add interest and movement, but look for them to be finished this year in natural stains. Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry are also seeing a returning to brown after years of fresh white. Look for darker notes in beautiful wood tones. Complimentary, large-scaled artwork also echo the aesthetics of bronze interiors, as in the artwork seen below.

Artwork by Matera, available at Four Hands

Why So Serious? Add a Touch of Whimsy

Take a walk on the wide side this year with traditional furnishings done in unexpected shapes. If tripod-shaped furnishings don't blow up your skirt, ease into it with added curves, fluted trim or the always winning scalloped edge.

Furnishings available by Noir

Pre-loved Magic with Curated Antiques

While retailers are really nailing the brown revival, to really capture the patina, you have to get it aged to perfection. With no shortage of secondhand retailers like Eneby Home , Chairish, Ebay and Etsy, bespoke furnishings are readily available at your fingertips without wasting a single Saturday at the flea markets.

Bespoke selection of furnishings by Eneby Home

When it comes down to designing a home, remember that it should feel a lot less like trying to do what everyone else is doing, and speak more to functionality and designing around your own aesthetic and style. If in doubt, hire out :)


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