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With Haus Guerin, the new and existing spaces in your home are designed with intention and curated with bespoke selections for a design that endures. Working alongside our clients, we provide interior design curated with an emphasis on quality, incorporating an array of palettes, layered furnishings and varied textures—evocative of nature with a nod to sustainability—to enrich your home.

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Do you have a firm grasp of what you want to achieve in your space yet continue to struggle to find design solutions? Let us help you with a 90-minute consultation.


Reserve a 90-minute in-person or virtual call to discuss the needs of your space.  Walk us through the prospective area, revealing your goals and how you wish your home could function. We will ask questions about your lifestyle to guide our recommendations for paint selections, if needed, as well as furniture layout for your existing furniture. We will also provide a custom purchasing guide with links to purchase pieces to inject new life into your space.  


NOTE: Consultations do not include access to trades or collaboration with artisans or craftspeople. Please explore our full-service interior design option for those services. Booking for future full service clients will be available FALL 2023.

Full Service

Truly immerse yourself in the interior design experience with our full service interior design option. With this approach, we provide a genuinely collaborative effort to bring forth the full potential of the spaces inside your home. Through a sequential process of discovery and exploration, we re-imagine your space to reconcile how you currently live in your home and how you wish to live. This service option includes a full design concept, furniture and finishes curation, furniture layout, art selection and integration with other trades, including contractors.  Accepting Full-Service Clients Spring 2023.

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Our Portfolio

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