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Step Inside Magnolia Cream

As a military family, we move around quite a bit--oftentimes without much prior planning. It would follow that Haus Guerin began, organically enough, with our own home. Making a house a home became second nature as we continuously redefine what home means to us in a new state, coast or region. In the Magnolia Cream House, we added paneling to the dining room to elevate the space. It serves as a simple yet elegant backdrop for the antique and vintage pieces collected from our various military locations.

We continued to add function throughout the home, combining new construction and salvaged pieces with our particularly weathered aesthetic of vintage finds. The master bath was completely reoriented to add a larger soaker tub and a more functional shower space.

Rearranging the bathroom space also included loads of additional lighting--four mirror-flanking sconces, an oversized drum light centered over the improved soaking tub, one updated flush mount in the revamped linen closet, and a fan-light combo piece in the freshly tiled shower. To avoid the space running too cool, we balanced the white, marble look porcelain tile with a custom vanity in a warm oak tone. As avid collectors of art, we made full use of the large 12-ft ceilings in the home to showcase a number of curated paintings, prints and musical instruments in large-scale galleries.

But my favorite addition to the home was converting the guest room into a home studio. The far reaching effects of the stay-at-home orders of 2020 meant that for the first time in a long time, we were all home. Together. Creating an office space with a door that shut (and locked) was the perfect fix for all the extra, not-so quality time. What started as a last minute decision to create a mom space suitable for Zoom, clients and zen ended with a hand-painted chinoiserie mural on the ceiling, complete with a well-placed blooming light fixture. An oversized vintage desk takes up much of the real estate of the space, however its glass construction allows the space to breathe. Elements of art deco mesh well together to add a touch of masculinity with the black wallpapered closet that was gifted by Think Noir.

Just a tad bit obsessed with the look and ready for our next big project!


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