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With Haus Guerin, the new and existing spaces in your home are designed with intention and curated with bespoke selections for a design that endures. Working alongside our clients, we provide interior design curated with an emphasis on quality, incorporating an array of palettes, layered furnishings and varied textures—evocative of nature with a nod to sustainability—to enrich your home.

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Full Service

Truly immerse yourself in the interior design experience with our full service interior design option. With this approach, we provide a genuinely collaborative effort to bring forth the full potential of the spaces inside your home. Through a sequential process of discovery and exploration, we re-imagine your space to reconcile how you currently live in your home and how you wish to live. This service option includes a full design concept, furniture and finishes curation, furniture layout, art selection and integration with other trades, including contractors.  Accepting Full-Service Clients Spring 2023

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Do you have a firm grasp of what you want to achieve in your space yet continue to struggle to find design solutions? Need more design direction? Employ the use of our e-Design services. With e-Design, you will receive a curated furniture plan and layout, as well as potential paint color selections and links to shop pieces to round out your space.  Please note, this service does not include access to trade furnishings or collaboration with artisans and tradespeople. Please explore our full-service interior design option for those additional services.

The Process

E-Design Process

Book with us to reserve a 90-minute in-person or virtual call to discuss the needs of your space.  Walk us through the prospective area,  revealing your goals and how you wish for the space to function. Use the time allotted as best fits your needs! We will ask you questions to guide our recommendations for paint selections, if needed, as well as furniture layout for your existing furniture. We will also provide a custom purchasing guide with links to purchase pieces to inject new life into your space.  Please note that our e-design option does not include access to trades or collaboration with artisans or craftspeople. Please explore our full-service interior design service for those services.




Full-Service Interior Design Process


Begin the full-service interior design process with our Client Inquiry questionnaire. Next, enjoy a 20-minute complimentary call to discuss with us your goals and ascertain your needs. After you consider the range of services we offer and discuss with us the scope of your project, we can move forward with a scheduled in-person or virtual consultation to delve into the details of your project. During the booked 90-minute consultation, we give an in-depth look at our design process as well as discuss your timeline to completion. If you decide to move forward after the consultation, you will receive a design proposal and contract to begin the design discovery process. This includes a range of hours necessary to complete your project within budget and timeline, as well as a more thorough outline of our design process and billing procedures.


As a Haus Guerin client, we continue into a process of discovery that aims to truly align your wishes with your aesthetic. The discovery meeting integrates a thorough look at the proposed space alongside you, the client, the Haus Guerin team, and any other necessary craftspeople to draft the design concept. Client homework through mood boards as well as the potential use of 3-D renderings are assigned to fine tune design decisions  After the discovery meeting and client homework are completed, the Design Concept is generated, finalized and presented. Once the design is approved, we move forward to design implementation.


Now we put it all together! Your final approved design concept is put into production to bring your design to life, with you along at every step! Enjoy seeing your distinctive space evolve in a way you always imagined. Once the design is completed, we style the space for photographs and reconcile any final payments. Aftercare notes for special stones, woods or products are also provided to the client.

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