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Magnolia Cream Christmas: A Love Letter

This time of year is relentless. End-of-the-year reporting, deadlines, sniffles and holiday travel are sure to make everyone feel pressured. Extremely grateful to welcome you into our home for this Christmas slowdown. Please enjoy!

Without question, Brett and I have spent quite a bit of our marriage scurrying back and forth across the southeastern United States. And while the journey has held quite a few beautiful moments, I wouldn't be totally honest if I did not say that I am ready to put down roots. As we begin to think about life outside of active duty for us both, the idea of a forever home makes me giddy with excitement. I did not think I could spend what could possibly be our last Christmas in Mississippi without immortalizing it a bit here on the blog.

Once again soliciting the help of Angela Brown Photography, we set forth to capture as many merry moments as possible throughout the Guerin residence.

Set the Scene | While this is not a whole house tour, focusing primarily on the dining room just felt natural. So many of our family gatherings are centered on a large assortment of prepared dishes, piled high and tasty! Some of you may remember that the dining room was the latest HG project during the Fall One Room Challenge (read all about that here). Including more angles of the hand-painted mural I added against the holiday florals I arranged from Urban Stems was all the holiday drama I needed!

Foraged Christmas speaks to me on so many levels. Broken ornaments in a vessel alongside thrifted and vintage brass whisper Christmas nostalgia. Kaelyn Guerin, Haus Guerin

Combining my love of patina with my love of greenery, I sprinkled gathered magnolia clippings and a mix of evergreens from Gracious Garlands throughout.

I have been enjoying this dining space so much this season, with me finishing up just in time for Thanksgiving. Without any more yapping from me, here she is!

Thank you so much for your support of Haus Guerin this year! I wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy holiday season!


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