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ORC Reveal: Sunset Inspired Dining Room + Holiday Tablescape

Without question, the last several weeks have been a test of endurance and sheer will against seasonal colds and relentless rounds of general gunk in the Guerin household. But if the first year of Haus Guerin has taught me anything, it is this: consistency and a willingness to show up wins the battle 9 times out of 10. The odds maybe higher if you are healthier but a can-do spirit will eventually get it done!

Check out my earlier blog posts to see how this space evolved over the last 8 weeks!

Decide on the Re-design

It would be great to choose a design and stick with it, but that was not the case for this space! Shortly before the One Room Challenge began, I spied these beautiful chairs on Facebook Marketplace and decided I had to have them. It was 3-hour round trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama but the shaping and wood was exactly what I wanted--even though the polyurethane was yellowing and they needed to be completely re-upholstered. While this may seem a bit obsessive to some, I loved them not just for the dining room but for my home in general. The relevance of choosing furnishings that work throughout the home is crucial for me, as I often refresh my home by shopping my house.

Tying in All the Elements

From there, the space became a complete redesign of my original concept for ORC. As we all do more from home, I quickly realized that my previously designed office was more a space for my husband than me. Working in the dining room meant I had more line of sight/supervision for my sons. Considering the amount of time I spent in there, I wanted the room to feel more like the sun-filled space it often is. Despite my typical avoidance of color, I also wanted to inject an assortment of moody hues into the space. I accomplished this with a hand-painted abstract mural that mirrors the often color-filled sunsets here in Mississippi. I chose a fresh palette of colors from the Benjamin Moore line and went to my friends at the local Paint Store for help in narrowing down my selections. I also picked up some Schumacher boucle fabric that was reminisce of clouds. I rounded out my fabric selections with a beautiful fabric that featured a watercolor-like, muted floral pattern. I would later use this fabric to create hand-sewn lampshades for the existing chandelier.

Do-It-Yourself Flair | Overall, the space received a facelift that was easy on the budget and hard on the elbow. This is a concept that works in general for home ownership and design: You can pay handsomely for a well designed, well executed space or you can invest in quality pieces and put in the sweat equity to get the home you want.

The Big Reveal | I absolutely love the One Room Challenge because it a reminder that a home can be tackled one space at time, with intention and care, to create the overall home of your dreams. You don't have to tear down the whole house to make your home special. Just a little at a time, done with the overall aesthetic and flow of the home in mind, can result in big sweeping change. Without further ado, here she is!

I'm so excited to enjoy this space this holiday season and look forward to putting it to work soon for Thanksgiving! Now I'm off for a well-deserved break on the sofa while I check out all the other beautiful Reveals on the One Room Challenge blog! I especially want to thank the talented women at Curated Home Decor for sponsoring multiple items for my tablescape, including plates, glassware, candleholders and the beautiful scalloped marble bowl. Many thanks to Apartment Therapy for hosting and many, many thanks to you all for following along for the last two months. If you are new here, please subscribe for more Haus Guerin reveals as well as more tricks and tips this holiday season.

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Trueman's Treasures
Trueman's Treasures
Nov 20, 2022

Wow, it turned out absolutely beautiful!

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