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Tips and Tricks for Painting Your Space

It goes without saying that I am a big fan of using paint to strengthen the design in a space. As a self-taught painter and fiber artist of many years, a paint brush just feels a lot more comfortable in my hands than hanging wallpaper. Because of this, I tend to be a lot less risk-adverse when it comes to paint. For the dining room refresh for this fall's One Room Challenge, I decided to paint another faux wallpaper detail similar to the one I did on the ceiling of the Studio. Here are a few of my tips for letting go and having fun with your paint finish!

Tip 1: Plan your home design so you are not just winging it |

I always like to start with the function of the space. What is it used for? What will be its use going forward? The original plan for the dining room refresh included a more traditional faux wallpaper finish, like a varying stripe detail. It was an expected choice for a formal dining room. The palette that I chose supported the traditional color scheme, but also played up some of the modern takes on a few of dark hued favorites, including Benjamin Moore's wenge, toasted chestnut and home sweet home.

Tip 2: Adjust the paint plan based on resources and timeline, but keeping the plan in mind | Sometimes even the best laid plans can become unglued when real life meets expectations. After carefully considering my palette and choosing colors at my local Benjamin Moore paint store, I went off the rails a bit earlier this week when the painter in me threw a fit about hand-painting the stripes. I use this my dining space creatively all the time as it is central to where my young sons play. Something a bit more visually stimulating would be beneficial when I'm diving through samples or putting together proposals. The sun was in my eyes and I decided to just wing it. Which brings me to the next two tips...

Tip 3: Paint is a relatively easy way to make impactful changes in your home | While I paint often and have many of the tools that make a large job easier (like a sturdy and tall ladder, well-made paint rollers and an a small angled brush for cutting in lines so I don't have to waste time with painter's tape) I was able to finish painting the dining room in under two days, including the time it took to buy paint and clean up! Not every room has to have a larger-than life mural. A deep and moody color or a refreshing white (my go-to is Benjamin Moore OC-151) are an easy choice and a quick fix for a room that needs a little injection of life or movement.

The next two tips are just dressed up reiterations of my previous point:

Tip 4: Remember, paint changes everything️ | Make your paint selections, grab your tools of choice and (when able) pick a sunny, clear day with as a little humidity as possible to help with adhesion and dry times. Get ready to transform your room! Prep your walls by dusting them or clean the walls with a light cleaner for normal wear and TSP or another degreaser for more stubbornly dirty spaces. Put down paper or canvas drop cloths to protect floors or furniture that cannot be safely removed. Tape or remove electrical outlet covers and otherwise protect surfaces such as light fixtures. If you decide to spray, wear a protective face mask and suit. Keep the space well ventilated and keep walkways clear around ladders or scaffolding.

Tip 5: It's just paint! If you live with it for a bit and hate it, try another color or wall finish | When it comes to painting, I live by the thought that if I mess it up or don't like what I've done, I can always cover it up with more paint. I avoid adding actual texture to walls by wiping off excess so everything can be easily undone with a couple coats of paint. Have some fun, prep your design and space and go take a few well-planned risks !

Here are more photos for my progress for the dining room room refresh for this fall's One Room Challenge

When it comes to your home, don't be afraid to make it sing. Not everyone will like your home design. Thankfully they don't live there. Make your home yours friends!

Go back to weeks 1-3 to see how the plan has evolved from start to today and stay tuned for weekly updates until the big dining room refresh reveal in November!

One Room Challenge | Fall 2022

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Trueman's Treasures
Trueman's Treasures
23 ott 2022

Oh my goodness, this is going to be fabulous!

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