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Think Beyond Sweaters and Layer Up!

Saying yes to all the cozy feels of sweata-weatha and no to all incomplete spaces, it's time to finish strong! After all but throwing away my One Room Challenge design ambitions the day before the challenge started, I am finally feeling good about the design. Even as I was mulling it over for the last few weeks, post-covid challenges in shipping and production loomed heavy in my mind. That said, I knew from the start that I wanted this design to layer existing elements in the space with fresh takes in paint, more seating and touch-me fabric for texture and function. This meant I would be buying less and punching up the original design. Keep reading to see where my brain landed and go back and watch in evolve from Week 1!


Add Nuance, Not Stuff

I like my spaces to breathe. My sons run around quite a bit with spontaneous play and I occasionally roller skate through my dining room (watch this reel for proof). As much as I love this space, something about my dining room felt unfinished and it was starting to bug me. I knew that this space needed a refresh and the ORC provided just the opportunity. My goal: Add some depth to the space without adding clutter and without changing too many of my favorite existing furniture pieces--like the thrifted, hand-painted black cabinet or my workhorse cement-top table (where I usually arrange flowers, cut fabrics, etc).

As Albert Einstein said: Creativity is intelligence having fun. Having spent the last couple months a little overstimulated and the last two weeks fighting the germ-fest that is my children returning to school, I would have to say it was a bit of a challenge to reimagine my space with so many other competing obligations. As soon as I felt better this morning I had the greatest a-ha moment and my brain landed on this:

Fall 2022 One Room Challenge Design Board

I was undeniably inspired by Benjamin Moore's 2023 Color of the Year Lookbook. After so many years of muted tones, it was refreshing to see them step boldly with their color choices. Watching as they unveiled the delightful Raspberry Blush as their 2023 Color of the Year, I felt I could also use a bit of color at home too! Now before those of you that know the Kaelyn behind HG go sounding any alarms, please note that I will never likely paint true color on my walls. My moods dictate what I like and that's a dangerous place to live with a paintbrush! I am however, looking to play with a few of my favorites from the BM palette to create a faux wallpaper finish on all level 5 finishes (above the wainscoting).

Now that the plan is finally solidified, let's outline the remaining five weeks!



Sand and refinish Chair Frames


Upholster Chairs in boucle fabric

Week 4

Paint Faux Wallpaper Finish

Week 5

Hang Window Treatments/ DIY chandelier pleated shades

Week 6

Source Styling Elements

Week 7

Interior Photoshoot

Week 8

What do you guys think? Think I can pull it off? I'm excited about watching this space evolve and entertaining for the holidays for sure!


Oct 13, 2022

You can totally pull it off! DIY chandelier pleated shades? I’m here for it!


ChipsNdip Greenlee
ChipsNdip Greenlee
Oct 13, 2022

Ok...I am following on the sheer aesthetic of this website. Annnnd as I type this I am sending this to my sister so she can follow hahaha. Good luck on your ORC!!!

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